It's all about the journey

   Writing a resume is as comfortable as writing your epitaphic for your gravestone.  I'm in the creative field of marketing, design, photography and problem solving, so most of the time I think outside of the box. In the 80s when I was teaching school one of the assignements I had for students was to come up with a creative resume. It was a way to help them look at their career choices and to build up their confidence.

   This was my attempt back in 1989 and I've just modified it ever since. One of these days I will redo it, but I've never given resumes a lot of validity. Think it is from my wrestling  days when it did not matter what your record was, it is what's happening that match.  And after that

 match there is the next to get ready for. I am one of those guys who believes that for most when it is all said and done, there is a lot more said than done.

   My whole life has been about achievement and doing things that have not been done. Have I made mistakes and have I had failures? Yes, but it is what you learn from the negative that moves you forward and keeps you creative.

    After saying all that, I hope you enjoy my life as much as I have. I am a firm believe in that one person can make a difference

Life and Times of Randall Tomaras

If you are a client or potential customer you receive the same resume that any potential employer would receive. Without customers I would not be employed. That makes  you an employer. Chose your employees wisely.