Image Thinking to be released in 2017

If you can answer these questions
you don't need the program


* What does the image and neurology have in common


* Why will 2030 be declared "The Decade of the Image"


* What does the brain do to an image and where does it go


* What makes one image more memorable


* How do "the qualities of light"  form  "the elements of art "


* Why is the image mostly responsible for our values


* Why is a great image 1,000s of times more powerful than

a good image and even more than the written word


* Can you list and define the 8 Qualities of Light,  8 Elements of Art, 9 Principles of Art, 6 Basic Emotions, and 6 Basic Actions.


* How are images responsible for creativity, thought, dreams and so much more.


That's just a starter

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