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Coach: A person who shares his or her knowledge with athletes in the hope that individuals on the team will learn lessons of life they can apply to their future. See Randall Tomaras for a more complete meaning.


 "Athletes reach their potential because he makes the steps along the way fun."

   Randall Tomaras in six years of coaching high school wrestling has helped teams rack up five district championships, four regional championships, the National Elite Freestyle Championship, and the Dudenhoffen International Championship.

   Due to his overall ability, he has represented the National Governing Body of Wrestling at the World Schoolboy Championship, the Elite World Championship, the World Freestyle Championship, the World Cup of Wrestling, and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

   However, that is not nearly as important as the guidance and direction he has given young athletes to better their future. The carry over qualities and characteristics his wrestlers learned on the wrestling mat are values that cannot be duplicated by any other experience. There is always a smile from coach Tomaras when one of his wrestlers stops by for a visit.

   There are few coaches who give as much back to the sport as Tomaras. Randall Tomaras was responsible for starting a state wrestling newspaper, created the "top ten" for media, helped developed the cultural exchange program internationally, nationally and in Washington, a Charter Member of the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association and organized clinics for local wrestlers with the top wrestlers in the USA. Randall Tomaras was selected National Assistant Wrestling Coach of the Year (1981) by Wrestling USA

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Are you looking for someone who knows how to motivate others to succeed, accepts challenges and sets goals to achieve high performance? Do you want a person who acquires the respect from the rest of the team? That's Randall Tomaras.



Various schools from 1972-89