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Designer:  An individual who reaches a specific viewing audience with maximum impact by placing select elements in a definite area. See Randall Tomaras.


"He mixes the right elements for an effective professional touch."

   You can have an outstanding product or service, obtain the best-written copy, and have award-winning photographs, but it will mean little if these elements are not well designed and properly laid out on the page. Randall Tomaras believes you first have to get favorable attention in order to receive superb results. Today in our visual society, we must compete for the marketplace and our styles and methods must change to meet the needs of the consumer.

   Tomaras has done just that, with medium size corporations. Using his flair for composition and his knowledge of typography and printing, Randall has penetrated the marketplace with cost effective media.
   Versatile in both Mac and PC, Tomaras has kept up with

the latest technology. His favorite software is Photoshop because he firmly believes that a photograph is worth a thousand words and it is important to say the right words. "When you think of it, every time we use our five senses, our mind turns them into a series of pictures. That's how we communicate with ourselves. So how valuable is the photograph?" Tomaras asks.

   Many companies choose Tomaras because of his ability to handle computer design, layout, photography, copy writing and Search Engine Optimization. Having someone very competent in all five areas gives companies better control over the end product and reduces the deadline time.

What does

that mean to you?


Are you looking for someone who can reach the marketplace with effective electronic and print design? Are you seeking a designer who can communicate with print and electronic representatives, has a firm grasp of photography, understands sales, and meets the pressures and deadlines of the business? That's Randall Tomaras.



Visual Communictions has been a major part of every position, event & project he has ever had.