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 Event Management: A person who professionally organizes the day to day details of a project from start to finish. See Randall Tomaras.


"He thinks of the smallest details and is constantly improving his product."

What does it take for a company to organize 34 sports teams to travel to 21 different countries, in less than 45 days with all their room, board, and transportation paid for by the host country? That was the initiation assignment the Amateur Athletic Union / WD gave Randall Tomaras for his International Cultural Exchange Director position. His successful completion of the assignment quickly moved him to National Public Relations Director and a seat on the U.S. Olympic Committee.

   Consider the talent it took to orchestrate and fund 59 Centennial events for the City of Everett in nine months involving a volunteer staff of over 2,000 citizens. All events were on time, under budget and a huge success.

   Try talking the Soviet Government into exchanging their sacred Red Square Victory Day Parade that displayed military weapons and power, for a Peace Victory Day Parade,

where nations march together for peace, including Germany and Italy who killed half their population in WWII. Then try recruiting the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, the US Navy Band and a host of other American groups.

   At the same time convince the Russian government to allow St. Isaac's Cathedral to be re-opened to religious services after being turned into a museum for 73 years. The service was opened to a joint Easter service between the Russian Orthodox and Mill Creek Presbyterian Church. The third largest cathedral in the world has had service every Sunday since.

   These are just some of the events Randall Tomaras has been responsible for creating and managing.

What does

that mean to you?


Is it difficult finding someone who can handle the pressure and still get the job done? Do you need an expert who understands various cultures and can make things happen? Are you looking for someone who can handle more than one thing at a time? That's Randall Tomaras.



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1984-89 National Sports Programs

1981-83 Amateur Athletic Union