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Tribute to
Sequim Flower Farmers


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Sequim Flower Farmers - A Tribute

Includes paintings from the
following farms:



Martha Lane

Nelson's Duck Pond

Lavender Connection

Peninsula Nurseries
Blackberry Forest


Washington Inn


Jardin du Soleil

Lost Mountain

Purple Haze


Cutting Gardens

Master Gardeners

Fat Cat

Angel Farms



There are many other flower farmers in Sequim, but these are the ones I have been to invited  to take images and paintings at.


Just so you know


All these paintings are 20" by 30 " and available for purchase as a limited edition print, or on canvas, or etched in metal.


They are done electronically and each is a 150 mg file. What you are seeing is a 400 k file. You are not going to see all  the phenomenal  details. So I blew up a small portion of the big image to give you an idea of the technique (sponge, watercolor, pointillism, oil, pen and ink, etc.) and a little bit better idea of the detail.  Still it is not showing details. That is the second shot and can be ordered as a 12 x 18.  Still this Internet rendition is like photographing a pimple on an elephant's rear end at 600 yards (or meters.)


People are welcome to place links to this page on their site, but please do not copy or download  paintings.  ~ Enjoy ~

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The second image is a close-up of the first image so you can see some of the detail & technique.



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