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My Best Advice on Fundraising

Page 3 of 3      by Randall Tomaras


8. Be ACCOUNTABLE - Make sure you have proper licenses. Have a board of directors of outstanding citizens. Keep them happy because if there is a huge turn over that does not look good. Have a bank account where two people have to sign  checks. ALWAYS be transparent. If there is a problem with money, be open about it. This is not something you want to hide because you are embarrassed. Report to the newspaper accurate amounts. This is NOT your money anyway, be very open so you can not be accused  of any wrongdoing. A treasure’s report should be a part of every meeting. All that said, most money is stolen before it is reported. So you have to have a way to keep money collectors accountable. Interesting when you ask for volunteers, you get more people that want to volunteer to collect money more than any other position.


9. Keep it LOCAL – If you had your choice between giving to your child or giving to a foreign country, which one would you choose?  If The San Francisco 49ers  wanted to sell tickets to their home games would they do better in the Bay Area or in Green Bay? The more local, the more money – it is that simple. Children’s Miracle Network raises millions each year based on the fact that what is donated locally stays local.


10. Know your CAUSE – Be able to answer questions. Every one of your sellers should have a card that they can leave with a donor that has a phone number on it  and some of the board members of the group. Plus they should be able to answer what the money is for and why they are raising it. How much they have and when the deadline is. How do I know this money will go to the cause?  Why the cause is important to them. Plus, know how to answer objections.


Well those are my biggies and I am sure others have some different ones, but this will get you thinking down the road. They are all important, but number 7 can drag down a whole organization. Selecting your fund raiser (number 5) is probably 2nd. Good Luck with your fund raiser. Wish you well. ~ Randall Tomaras

My Best Advice on
Fund Raising

by Randall Tomaras


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