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International Relations Advisor: A person who coordinates the efforts of two different countries by understanding the customs, cultures, and desires of each country. See Randall Tomaras.



 "He develops simple solutions to situations that seem complex to others."

   Most people think that knowing multiple languages is the key to international relations. Randall Tomaras, who only knows his native tongue and uses qualified interpreters, claims the main ingredients are listening and observing. That skill has guided him to business relations with 39 different countries over an eleven year period. Randall concentrated most of his efforts on bringing together people who were once bitter enemies of the USA - China, Soviet Union (Russia), and Vietnam.

   Just some of the projects Randall Tomaras has initiated are: twice The Victory Day Parade and Celebration, the only two times foreign participation has been allowed in one of the Soviets' celebrated festivities in Red Square; The Soviet Business Summit, bringing over their top 30 economic and business leaders to discuss the business possibilities of the future; and the first ever telethon in the Soviet

Union, coordinated through the Children's Miracle Network in the USA, and Gostelleradio, and the Lenin Children's Fund in the USSR. Randall was also the consultant to the Chinese and Soviet Olympic Committees in setting up their division of high school level sports travel.

   Tomaras contends that his style works within the USA as well as with foreigners. He claims, "Most people don't ask questions and they don't listen, then they can't understand why nobody wants to do business with them." Tomaras uses the information obtained to creatively satisfy the needs of both parties. "It is that simple, most people will give you the pieces to the puzzle," states Tomaras.

   He continues by saying, "My job is collecting those pieces, and putting together the puzzle as fast, efficient, and as cost effective as possible, while still maintaining the quality and desired benefits."

What does

that mean to you?


Are you looking for a person who communicates well with multi- cultural backgrounds? Someone who can use human relations and communications to improve your business? Is it important to have someone who understands the political process? That's Randall Tomaras.



1990-97   Tomaras Group International

1981-83   AAU/WD