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Marketing Master: A person who persuades others to buy or invest in their product, service or idea, because it has value. For a better understanding of what a marketing master is, see Randall Tomaras.


   "Wanted: teachers, coaches, and athletes - First year $30,000 and up." That was the ad that started Randall Tomaras on his 5 year life insurance sales career. Being all three, he thought he would make $90,000 a year (and that was in 1975 when a good salary was $25,000). If a dollar value could be placed on his experience, he more than reached his first year goal.

   His fifth year he was New York Life's top "group leader" for the State of Washington, in addition to National Quality and National Sales Achievement Awards from Life Underwriters Association.

   Selling an intangible object on a commission basis, Randall learned to: listen to people, focus on objectives,

"His questions fit the product or service to the customer's needs & wants."

qualify prospects, develop habits, paint pictures with words, and reject the negative.

   "Once you've been paid by commission you know how much you are really worth. You learn that no one owes you a living and the bottom line starts with me. If you can't generate profit, there is no reason an employer should keep you," Tomaras explains.

   He is a firm believer in the free enterprise system and has repeatedly stated that "learning sales" (negotiation, marketing, no matter what you call it) is the key to any country's productivity. Every concept, idea, product or service has to be sold on its benefits to someone, according to Tomaras.

What does

that mean to you?


Is it difficult to find a person who manages his time well and has the ability to motivate others to make decisions based on sound logic and emotion? Are you seeking an individual who knows the sales process and can close a sale? That's Randall Tomaras.



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