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Testimonials from adult education students

The class has made me more aware of light and color relations. An excellent job – Interesting. Very well educated in the subject – Impressive. –
Nola Freyer


Lighting always baffled me. I have made a quantum leap. - David Kruth


He is a professional photographer – very knowledgeable - You can learn a lot. – Brian Sullivan


So you think you are a good photographer? Ha!!! Take the class, do the exercises. 10 hours - 92 bucks – a bargain, not counting contact with instructor outside of class. - Tom Pitre


Witty, entertaining, and incredibly helpful. The content is very helpful in understanding the camera as a tool and to convince you that YOU use the camera, IT doesn’t use you. The concepts were clearly explained and the visuals were inspiring. Very enjoyable to listen to, and an obvious desire to help his students improve. It was mind boggling to realize how many variables to light there are, and that we can control them.  - Kate Villella


I learned a lot. Appreciate all the charts, graphs, photos showing the difference in brightness, distance, & filters. Most especially I appreciate having the disc to refer back to. – Kirstine Bennett


I learned how to live with the complex camera I bought. I’m still learning, but I no longer fear making mistakes. – Glenn Garner


When we learned about the relationship between f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO it was like a light bulb went off in my head. - Amanda Winters


Great! Very clear. My husband’s been trying to explain things for years to me – that was cleared up in one class.  No book can communicate the effects as clear as Mr. Tomaras being there to tell you why and answer your questions. – Lorna Collins – wedding photographer


You definitely get your money’s worth in this class. (The instructor is) very funny, easy to understand, easy to follow. - Bridget Fredrick


He was interested in our education – tried to meet the interest of each student. Irene Marble

Wow! My awareness has been enlightened. I’ve attended several photo instructional programs over the years, and this was one of the best. –
John Strange


Instructor focused on what students’ abilities and interests were. Then tailored the classes to the spectrum of students’ abilities. Enthusiastic and interested in students learning. – Michael S. Repko


Great experience and excellent photographer. I would love to learn more from you. You are a great teacher & clearly love what you do. It is great that you want to share your knowledge. – Dianna Upton


Have better understanding of light  - how exposure is effected by it. Ideas for composition also improved. Very well presented, you found ways to get ideas across even with a wide experience level that was in the class.- Bob Greer


Randy is obviously an excellent photographer and very knowledgeable. I have enjoyed him/his instruction. – Ron Figueroa


It contains useful information that helps you not only understand your camera functions better, but also how to apply them in a variety of different shots. The instructor is very knowledgeable and funny. He makes himself readily available and is eager to help you understand. He gives positive feedback and constructive criticism. A great class for beginners to advanced photographers – Mary Laboy


I learned a lot & definitely know how to use my camera better. Definitely worth the price I paid. Tomaras is very knowledgeable and willing to share his years of experience. – Erika Starks.


Very good on the quality, direction and other aspects of light. Nicely taught with good presentation materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. - Richard Kohler


Great enthusiasm & treats students with respect. It’s a privilege to be able to learn from someone so knowledgeable & experienced. - Lauren Turner



Testimonials from photo trips