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Photographer: A skillful individual who combines the knowledge of light, film (or disk) and camera equipment to capture and record a moment in time somewhere in the world.  See Randall Tomaras.


"His telephoto eyes zoom into images that most photographers walk by."

   Photography has taught Randall Tomaras that there is more than one way to photograph a cat. Randall looks at situations from different perspectives before making decisions. Even though one of Randall' s majors in college was photography, most of his knowledge comes from the professional photographers' associations and decades of experience.

   It was natural for Randall to learn photography since his older brothers were professional photographers. Randall's first big break came when he landed a position working for one of the largest photo studios in the country.

   From there he had several positions that always involved photography, but it wasn't until 20 years later that he opened up a studio of his own specializing in high school senior portraits. He wanted to spend time with his 6 year old daughter rather

than traveling the world. Since most of Randall's photography had been in travel, sports, tourism, advertisings, and corporate reports, he had to learn portraiture.

   The first full year of business Tomaras became the fastest growing portrait studio in the USA, with over 1200 sittings. A very challenging year where he learned a lot!!! And worked a lot!!!

   Randall sold his studio in 2002 to take care of his father who had Alzheimer’s and to work on some pet projects. In 2006 Tomaras moved to Sequim and entered the field of tourism photography.

   Tomaras has a close association with many of the top professional photographers in the country. He also led the first official groups of professional photographers to the People's Republic of China and to Vietnam.


What does

that mean to you?


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. Isn't it important that you say the right words? Are you looking for someone to grab a hold of the audience with impact and creativity? That's Randall Tomaras.



2003 - 2011  Randall Tomaras Photography                                     1997 - 2002  Randall Morris Agency                      1972-1996 Corporate Photography

1974-75 Pringle Marchand Studios

All positions Randall used photography