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A lot of people ask me to donate or help with their non-profit fundraiser. I know you get asked all the time too. There is nothing worse than being a part of a fundraiser that turns out to be a scam or at best a front for Director(s) to make a living. So I thought I’d share with you what I look for in a non-profit and if you run a non-profit what I expect.

Here is what I look for when I am leaning my name to a cause or even donating to something I believe in.


The 10 point Non-Profit Sniff Test by Randall Tomaras


1. Are there current well-respected community leaders on the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors? Is this project being embraced by leaders or not? If not, why not. This is not to say that community leaders can not be fooled, but if they are not involved you better find out why.


2. Does the checking account require two signatures to remove money? If it does that is a good sign. It is even better if one is a CPA or community leader. Spouse or best friend does not count as a second signature. Make it someone the community respects.


3. Are the checking account records available to see on request as it should be for all non-profits? If someone wants to hide checking account records on a public project that is not a good sign.


4. Are the minutes  and treasure’s report available for view and do meetings happen on a regular scheduled basis? Legitimate  non-profits meet on a regular basis and keep minutes and a treasure’s report. If they are hesitant to show those – RUN.


5. Is the public openly invited to meetings? A non-profit is there to serve the community not a select group of people running the non-profit. They should not be afraid of the people they serve.


6. Have ALL the SAME board members worked as a team for over a year? If not, it may show dissension on the direction of the organization.


Take a look at the last four points



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