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The 10 point Non-Profit Sniff Test by Randall Tomaras


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7. Have they made payments toward their goal? If a group has been raising money for over two years and they have not made a payment toward their goal or project, something is WRONG. Or if they say they have and they have not.


8. Does the director and/or president have a checkered past? It is always good to check the background of someone you are giving money to. Of course this is difficult today because identities are stolen and people change their names. It is easier to catch a con-man than a con-woman because we accept a woman changing her name when she is married. Sometimes more than once. It helps to have a con-woman's maiden name. Following up on this is important, especially if it is someone new to the community. I know I have failed to do this before and regretted it.


9. What has been their progress over time? Successful people tend to be successful again. You can check on their success of projects in the community. If the current project has been on going what has money been invested in? Have they done this type of thing before? Are they financially stable based on past endeavors.


10. What is their history of working with others?  Are they a one person show or are they willing to share power? Looking back to all my mistakes and all my successes I found that most of the time (but not all of the time) my bad experiences were with people who liked to have their picture and name on everything. When people work too hard at proving they are better than everyone, it usually spells disaster. I think I have updated my resume 3 times since 1990 and it is a small fraction of my accomplishments. Most people just don't care about you as much as they do about what you will do for them. And I never brag about personal possessions.  I like to see if a person is a listener or a teller. Listeners get far more out of a person than tellers or braggers. Plus it is easier to recruit help needed. Fund raising is a team sport.


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