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Teacher: A person who communicates knowledge and encourages others to apply information. See Randall Tomaras for a more complete definition.


"Students work hard for him because he builds up their self-esteem."

  Today's students need teachers that will make them feel like winners. Teen suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, aids, parental problems, and peer pressure are just a few of the factors that derail today's student from reaching (or setting) their goals. This is one of Randall's favorite subjects.

   It wasn't "what" Randall Tomaras taught that keeps his former students coming back for visitations and advice; it was how he related to them. Most students are waiting for someone to take an interest in them as a person. "When I was photographing high school seniors all year long, I asked every one of them, 'What are you doing after school?' The biggest response was, 'You mean 2:30?' Most seniors do not know what they want to do with their lives," asserts Tomaras. "Careers are chosen because someone has taken an interest in them," continues Tomaras.

   Everyone needs a teacher like Randall Tomaras, someone who motivates individuals to participate in applying knowledge. According to Tomaras, learning should be fun and you can only have fun if you get involved. "It really helps when people can see the results of their learning. It gives education a reason for being, and teaching makes my job easier" explains Tomaras.

   Randall Tomaras has taught visual communications, photography, computer tech, web design, yearbook, and is not only Washington State teacher certified, but vocational certified as well. Randall prides himself on having students that come back to say thank you.

What does

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Are you seeking an individual who: understands all types of people, recognizes their needs and desires, and knows how to communicate with them? Would you want someone who is excited about life and thrives off of involvement? That's Randy Tomaras.



Randall is always teaching as an employer or supervisor.

Various schools from 1972-89