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Web Work

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you are well on your way


Mistake one -  People waste all their money on design and ignore traffic.
                                   What good is a web site if nobody sees it? There is a way to check out your traffic and

                                               any website. Do a little research before you spend your money. So many put all
                                               their money into design only. Design only retains customers not find them. More info . . ..

Mistake two - Your web site has no call to action.
                                   So what if someone goes to your website? Have they taken any action to buy your

                                               product or service. If not, why do you even spend the money and time on a web site?

                                               This is the difference between having a friend, relative or software do your website.
  99% of the people who say they can do your website do NOT have a clue about traffic.
If it could be automated by software, everyone would be making money. Think about it.

Mistake three - The images (photos) you use work against you.
Sight is our most dominate sense. It trumps all others. It is responsible for 90% of our

                                                values and our decisions.  It overcomes logic. Neurologists claim beauty is a value of the

                                                highest order. While we can all have a difference in beauty based on our experience, there

                                                are certain "qualites of light" that determine what beauty is. An effective image has nothing to

                                                do with the quality of the camera, it has to do with the photographer. Just like a poem has to

                                                do with the poet. An ineffective image works against you. Don't be mediocre, put your

                                                best foot forward for the best $$$ results.            All content & design in this website is copyrighted