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Internet Master: A person who keeps up with the rapidly changing internet as it relates to marketing and communication with personal computers and mobile devices. See Randall Tomaras for a more complete meaning.


"Tomaras is proof that it is not computer techie stuff that works best."

   This used to be called Web Design, but over the last 15 years (especially the last 5) it has changed so much that web design is a very small part of the overall Internet strategy.

   Randall Tomaras got involved with the internet in 1986 out of necessity. He designed a travel & sports photography web site on paper and asked 10 web designers to bid on the job. The lowest bid was $32,000 and many of the things Randall asked for were not available back then. So he decided to learn web design for himself. Three months later he had one of the top photography web sites on the internet.

   Eleven years later, Randy figured that enough people were getting on the internet, so he designed a portrait web site for his new studio. He was one of the first in the world , if not the first to use “rollovers” for photographs rather than buttons.

    Being high for the terms photographer and photography, other photographers started contacting him and asking who did his web site.

   When he sold his studio, he

started Best USA Photographers which he maintained in the top 50,000 to 100,000 web sites in the USA for a 7 year period. Not bad since there are million of web sites competing in the USA market.

   Back when Randy started there wasn't the traffic there is today, nor the competition, nor MP3, Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, Delicious, MySpace, iTunes, Wordpress, Flicker, Firefox, Podcasting, Facebook, Google Earth, Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter, PRweb, social bookmarking, smart phones, ipads and the list goes on. Randall has not only witnessed the birth of these companies, but also watched and studied their growth.

    He keeps up with the latest internet strategies by belonging to select internet marketing groups and reading intently. Tomaras states that, “being number 1 on Google is no longer the cash cow it used to be. The MOBILE market is where the future of advertising and marketing now is. It already is changing the marketplace. Don’t be left behind, because you’ll lose if you wait.”

What does

that mean to you?


Are you seeking someone who has been around the World (Wide Web) quite a few times? Are you looking for someone who can use the past knowledge to make wise decisions and not fall for the latest fad? Someone who can change quickly when opportunity arises and has been researched? That's Randy Tomaras.



1986 to present - Randall Tomaras - web work