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Writer: A person who places facts, ideas, and emotion on paper in a logical and effective sequence. See Randall Tomaras for examples.


"He's not a journalist, he writes to sell ideas and products."

  The writing experience of Randall Tomaras was self-inflicted. One day he got tired of hearing about the lack of amateur wrestling coverage in the paper. The solution was simple, start a statewide wrestling publication. The first newspaper he published was a joke to journalists. He was told that newspapers subscribed to it for lunch room humor. Five years later the Amateur Athletic Union asked him to edit their national wrestling publication because of his writing simplicity, flow and power. He raised the quality, and the circulation from 12,000 to 63,000.

   Randall Tomaras has enjoyed writing ever since. It only seems natural with his marketing background, that his best copy involves communicating ideas.

   Tomaras believes that if you know what the consumer wants and needs, know the product features and benefits, and have some time or money to advertise you can write copy to sell anything. Indeed he has. His written proposals have convinced

government leaders to take his advice. Tomaras follows one piece of advice given to him a long time ago – “Make it easy to say YES.”

   "I try to put myself in someone else’s moccasins. How would people of different backgrounds look at it? Who is going to object and why? How will you convince the critics? Have all aspects been covered? What kinds of feedback will this produce? Do we have the manpower or financial capabilities to live up to our proposals? Who do you need on your side? Can we do it in phases?

   Those are just some of the questions I ask myself, every time I sit down to write. That's the creative part, then I hire someone to go through the left brain activities because I know my time is worth more as a creator.

What does

that mean to you?


How many times have you wished you had someone that could paint pictures with words? Would you like an individual who writes to motivate people? Is it important that all aspects are thought through carefully? That's Randall Tomaras.



Writing has been a major part of every position Randall Tomaras has held.


1997-Present Web articles

1990-97 Tomaras Group International

1981-83 AAU/WD Public Relations

1981-83 Editor - Wrestler's World

1979-81 Editor - Wasington Wrestling Yearbooks

1975-73 Editor -Washington Whizzer